Uru - 「君の幸せを」 [2023.11.22✘MP3✘RAR]

Uru - 「君の幸せを」 [2023.11.22✘MP3✘RAR]

Uru - 「君の幸せを」
Detail:  Uru - 「君の幸せを」
Artist & Title Uru - 「君の幸せを」  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.22


Prepare to be serenaded by the soulful melodies of Uru as she unveils her latest musical gem, 「君の幸せを」 (Kimi no Shiawase o). Released on November 22, 2023, this song is a poignant expression of Uru's vocal prowess and an emotional journey that resonates with the heartstrings of listeners.

A Melodic Tapestry of Emotions:

「君の幸せを」 is not merely a song; it's a melodic tapestry that weaves together a spectrum of emotions. Uru's tender yet powerful vocals guide listeners through a narrative that explores themes of love, happiness, and the interconnectedness of human emotions. The track is a testament to Uru's ability to infuse each note with genuine emotion.

Uru's Vocal Prowess Shines:

Within the gentle cadence of 「君の幸せを」, Uru's vocal prowess shines. Her emotive delivery captures the essence of the song's lyrical depth, creating a sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional J-pop. The track becomes a canvas upon which Uru paints a vivid picture of heartfelt sentiments.

Lyrics that Resonate:

The lyrics of 「君の幸せを」 resonate with a universal sincerity. Uru delves into the complexities of human relationships, celebrating the happiness of a loved one and acknowledging the nuances that make every emotional journey unique. The poetic lyricism adds depth to the song, creating a lyrical landscape that listeners can immerse themselves in.

Visual Poetry in the Music Video:

Accompanying the release of 「君の幸せを」 is a visually poetic music video that enhances the emotional impact of the song. Uru engages in visual storytelling, creating a captivating and cinematic experience that complements the nuances of the music. Each frame becomes a visual reflection of the song's emotional richness.

Connecting Through Shared Emotions:

As 「君の幸せを」 resonates across digital platforms, Uru encourages fans to connect through shared emotions. Engage in discussions on social media, share personal stories inspired by the song, and become part of the global community that finds solace and joy in Uru's musical expressions.

Limited-Edition Musical Embrace:

Released on November 22, 2023, 「君の幸せを」 is not just a song; it's a limited-edition musical embrace. Whether you've been a longtime follower of Uru's music or are discovering her artistry for the first time, this release offers a unique opportunity to be swept away by the emotive and enchanting world of Uru.


As you let the tender notes of 「君の幸せを」 wash over you, allow Uru's musical storytelling to become the soundtrack to your reflective moments. This latest release is a testament to Uru's ability to create an emotional connection through her music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who listen.

Tracklist:  Uru - 「君の幸せを」 mp3

1. 「君の幸せを」

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